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Hi, my name is Wenlin and I guide others to cultivate mindfulness through Movement (breath, yoga, somatics, Qigong) and Creation (drawing, painting)

Ever since I was little I’ve always been curious about the human body its connection with the mind. This desire to move, to flow, drove me to pursue dance, and later on Kendo 剣道, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Thai massage and Qi Gong 气功.

I also studied meditation, and attended a vipasana retreat in Thailand, in a bid to quieten and slow down my busy mind. And though seated meditation and silence allowed me peace and deeper insight into myself, my true love was, and still is, Movement.

Within movement you can find stillness : this is the magic of Moving Meditation. And in that stillness, you can find beauty, bliss, and you can enjoy a state of simply, being.
This is what my classes are about.

The movement style I teach is primarily a flowing style of yoga that has been cross-pollinated with various disciplines I have studied with respected teachers:
Anusara Yoga with Bo Srey, Yoga Anatomy with Trish Corley, Hatha Yoga with Sucharita and Mike Jenkins, Vinyasa Yoga with Amy Petty, Yin yoga with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, Qi Gong with Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Contact Improvisation with Vangelis Legakis, Kendo (剣道) with Peter Sensei and Thai massage with the amazing teaching faculty at ITM Massage school.

I look forward to sharing magic of moving meditation with you 🙂