Calley Brooke Sledge

Wondering free or wishing to be

Feb 20, 2020

Hello yes this is Calley Sledge in the process of showcasing my artwork and creativity. In the hopes of connecting with more individuals just like me.
For once I want to make a public post regarding me and the image people make of me. I could care less about hateful untrue remarks but when those words take away from me, who I am and what I represent. There comes a time when it has to be made straight.
Everyone who knows me knows who I am. Now I don't know how every one forgot and then started making up and spreading around lies. I am also unaware how and why everyone I try to get close to is only out to hurt me more than I am.
This is for everyone who has forgotten me...everyone who doesn't know me, yet wants to voice an untrue opinion of me.
First and foremost I am human, I make mistakes, and I have no problem admitting when I am wrong.
With that being said I am also entitled and able to receive forgiveness and love.
I don't not have a malicious mind. I don't go out of my way to hurt anyone or anything. I am only love and acceptance.
I do not judge but appreciate what makes each of us unique.
I believe treat people how you want to be treated.
I am as real as they come. I have to live with myself and know the difference between right and wrong.
if I refuse to lie to myself meaning that I refuse to lie to anyone else. I also believe in karma. I am not a materialistic person. I do not surround myself with people for what they have etc. I surround myself around people because I legitimately care. I am not out to get...I am out to love and give with no strings, or limits.
My actions are representation of who I am. The reputation of others is not a reflection of me.
I am a good faithful woman who has always done whatever is needed to survive and provide.
All these digs everyone makes of me being a drug addicted diseased whore with no morals, etc....is wrong on so many levels.
I was highly abused as a child but was taught faith and forgiveness. Which is why and how I still love all who have wronged me.
I was forced to be a woman and make adult decisions as a child when I needed guidance and acceptance.
In both of my relationships I have been in I was faithful, I did my part. In return we flourished going from the bottom of the bottom to having financial security.
I am unaware of the reasoning behind my ex-husband divorcing me and keeping me away from child.
I tried all I could to work it out and get back on my feet. To the point of working 3 jobs (88hours weekly) just to maintain his and my bills. All the while having my reputation ruined with the lies being spread.
Then the unexpected of everything falling apart hit me hard, I am only human, and I went down...down to a point I was unfamiliar with and did not know how to cope but managed to conform to situations just to be able to be present in this life.
I don't know how I was thrown out into this world with no back up....with no one to turn too...and very limited open doors.
Everywhere I go and everyone I encounter takes a little bit more away from each time....to the point of making feel like I don't belong, like I am undeserving of love and respect.
So I sit alone praying that there is more in this world...praying just to find someone to connect with on a serious personal level. I don't need judgment casted on me or labels... I need guidance and help in so many more ways than one.

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