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Hey 👋 You can now buy me a coffee in exchange for my music and energy through live streams! All artists and freelancers like myself will be massively affected financially during these shocking times, so even the price of a cup of coffee helps! :-) 

Please, please only donate if you comfortably have the means to do so right now.

Stay safe and keep a positive mind, 

A x
Baby Molly bought 2 coffees.

We love being part of your gigs - keep them coming and thanks so much for the special shout out xx Fiona & Molly 

Andy and Liz bought 3 coffees.

Loving what yer doing 

PJ Lennon bought 3 coffees.

Watched Stefan Murphy's stream then I watched yours. So I guess you were the headliner and Stef opened for you.

Anja bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 3 coffees.