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I recently built Simple Ops which helps you monitor the uptime and performance of websites.

I build microstartups and open source projects to make a small difference in the world.

Remember all those cool startups you used that were free but then they were acquired, shut down and now don't exist anymore?

These free products don't make money, and therefore can't survive: You have to get money somehow. So the fastest way is simply asking you, as a user of this my products, for money.

🖥 Simple Ops 🦠 Coronavirus Tracker, ✈️ VisaList , 💱 ACrypto, 🗂️ AnExplorer, 🏐 VolleyPlus

Right now it's me traveling and coding my way through life. I love it and it's super fun but it also means that if I can't make any money with it then I have to take a desk job and these products will cease to exist.

So if you like what I build, you can support my products by buying me a coffee