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I build microstartups and open source projects to make a small difference in the world. I'm an Open Source contributor, Entrepreneur and a Developer from India

Remember all those cool startups you used that were free but then they were acquired, shut down and now don't exist anymore?

I built 🦠 Coronavirus Tracker,  ✈️ VisaList , 💱 ACrypto, 🗂️ AnExplorer, 🏐 VolleyPlus

These free products don't make money, and therefore can't survive:  You have to get money somehow. So the fastest way is simply asking you, as a user of this my products, for money. 

Right now it's me traveling and coding my way through life. I love it and it's super fun but it also means that if I can't make any money with it then I have to take a desk job and these products will cease to exist.

So if you like what I build, you can support my products by buying me a coffee

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