Just started a BMC page. Not really expecting anything much, but lol. It's been a hard time living alone with a below-minimum wage part-time job. I have a dream to be an art designer, and I really think this will be a good opportunity to have little bit of profit out of my hobby... It's not much but, I myself feel prouder of myself to be able to firstly, enjoy what I am doing: creating stuffs for yall, secondly, to have a little bit of monetary support for myself as a university student. But still, it's not that you guys will have to pay for the contents no no. Everything I did will be for free of DL (mostly), and I will not ask for anything in return. BUT, I do really appreciate the support. Money or no money, I will keep doing what I love and will constantly (-ish) try to send out stuffs that you guys may like. It's a looong write, I know, and English is not my first language either, but this is what I really want to express for the longest time (4 years on Deviantart). Again, thank you so much for the likes, the watches, the comments, compliments, and I will keep trying to keep you guys entertain :) Cheers, Suho