This was a Twitter reply Visa - in reply to his comment on individuals now quoting his writing making him feel emotions he didn't expect when younger, but that it is a him problem. Not an "others" problem.

This just further made me draw to this individual I don't know barely anything about. His words feel completely prophetic to me. Like a Vessel: here as an, almost, Oracle like being on earth (IMO).

The more I have listened to him and followed his work, the more I have realized he has awareness and emotional homeostasis creating the cogntinion I seek and believe to be possible.

But, it is by viewing all others as Oracles and Prophets. His, non-digital real-life version of a second-brain.

Computers and their rigidity, structure, and constraints are the constructs of our collective abilities. We can change and use universal inclusivity, in combination with "Symbiotic growth" vs. parasitic or cannibalistic approaches inherent to finite systems of measure. Success of failure, definitions associated now through societal indoctrination of a thought process of good and bad.

I believe this closes us off not only to our own inner potentials, but also the collective potentials we can access here in reality as well. As, cognition, from the evidence I have seen, has to exist outside of the physical self. There are too many phenomena to deny the reality any longer. For me and my personal context that is.

This has shifted me to not having or wanting confidence in anything that I think I know, but now to focus on "Unlearning to Grow" by actively seeking failure. I don't want imbalance, but, I believe failures and the "negative" emotions we define with them limit individuals and their mindsets. This isn't gray scale to me.

It's literally the only thing that I have 100% confidence in. Mindset is black and white, and infectious.

As, we can't be truly open if we are closed to any area. This includes believing we can not learn from all others.

Change the narrative on how you learn. Access the HIVE with Universal Inclusivity in reality. The communication may be digital, but reality is a construct of all of our own individual cognitions.

I therefore, strongly believe that if this "switch" is flipped, the potential of the species itself, and it's ensured balanced evolution. Both within and with the system as a whole.