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You might be interested to know that I'm currently creating an exciting and unique new course on the "history of animation". Called "Once Upon a Time in Penciltown", it is unique, as it's a personal written, illustrated and animated journey through some of the incredible work that has been done by ancient animators in the industry's illustrious past - seen entirely through the eyes of a contemporary animator, not an academic.

If you check out the video above, it will explain so much more.

I am committed to making this imaginative course the ultimate resource for animators, teachers, students and fans of animation in general.

So, please support me in any way you can. This could be by becoming a member and help me fund the project that will eventually be available to all, online. In exchange, you will have exclusive access to the material as I create it, as well as any other teaching or animated goodies that I will put out.

On the other hand, if you simply want to buy me a cup of coffee and help keep me going for a while on a daily basis - then I'll be more than happy to answer any animation-related question you might have. For example...

i) Want feedback on an animation test you've done? Send me the link.

ii) Have a question about my animation past and the famous animators I met and learned from? Ask me about it.

iii) Want to know more about my new book or online classes? Feel free to ask.

All questions will be answered on my "From Pencils to Pixels" podcast page. So, anyone can hear the answers at any time and at any place - and over and over again if they need to. The truth is though, my answers will only be as good as the questions I am given. So, please ask good ones - at least ones that are worth the cost of a cup of coffee! I'll give you all that I've got - and if I don't know something, I'll try to find out for you anyway!

So, ask yourself - what do you want to know today?

Tony.  :)