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Hi, I am a software developer with a passion to create new and exciting technologies for you to use.

As a software developer I get great satisfaction when people enjoy the software I have created. I love helping people and giving them access to cool technologies. In the process of doing this I end up spending a sizeable amount each month on server costs, domain names, software and hardware as well as devoting many hours of my time.

If you are here you must be considering a donation, for that I am greatly appreciative. If you want to leave your contact details (its optional) I will send you a massive thank you! If you wan't to stay anonymous, i'll say it now. THANK YOU ❤️  

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Very nice! Great coding 😎 👊 

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I wish I could give more but I've donated too much already this month and need to save some money lol, thanks for you ezstems website!

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pretty fucken cool sam bam!!!!