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Who Is Yao?
I am a gaming blogger focusing mostly on Lord of the Rings Online.
Explorer of unexplored places, and collector of decoration items.

I host, develop and maintain 4 websites currently:

D&Co du Milieu

(French & English versions)

- A database of more than 1600 housing decorations in Lord of the Rings Online, constantly updated, which you can consult at any time of the day and night.
- Guides on Housing in LOTRO.
- Everything you need to acquire, decorate and maintain your home in the game.
- Many contests organized around the game's housing system. ("The Housing Week", the "Mansion of the Strange", and more to come.)
- Decorating ideas and pictures of gamers' homes.

Les Ballades de Yao

Exploring LotRO out of bounds areas. Sharing screenshots of wonderful places you can see ingame and sometimes, finding Easter-Eggs.

Trolls & Chiffons

A LotRO Cosmetic blog for the french community.
(Here, I just host & develop this website for my friend, and D&Co co-creator : Prunaprismia)


Seeing this list, you will understand that I spend a lot of my free time enriching and developing content for the LOTRO community.

My time ingame often comes down to exploring the unexplored maps, collecting and photographing housing items and classifying decorations.

I offer this time with great pleasure to the community of this wonderful game by proposing an Exploration Website as well as two LotRO Housing Magazines.

Why am I here ?
Because hosting, developing and maintaining 4 Website is time consuming, as you can guess.
I do not count the hours spent on my websites, the hours of setting up a contest or updating a gigantic database.
I also support the hosting and development of these websites, which in addition to taking time, costs money.

What will I do of your gifts ?
Each coin that I get back with donations will be reinvested in my websites, either to pay the annual costs or (most of the time) to buy rewards for contests (ex: Mordor expansion during D&Co's first anniversary).

And Yes! I will continue, whatever the gains, to invest my free time for LotRO community !
Thank you again and see you soon for new adventures.
~ Yao



Yoplà et merci à toi.

Que va-t-il advenir de ces quelques euros amicalement dépensés ?
La réponse est simple, entre les pubs (que vous ne voyez pas si vous avez un AdBlocker) et les cafés, j’espère rembourser une partie de ce que me coûtent les différents sites LotRO que j’héberge.

J’héberge, programme et entretien 4 sites actuellement :

D&Co du Milieu (Français)
D&Co du Milieu (Anglais)
Les Ballades de Yao
Trolls & Chiffons (un service rendu à Pruna qui s’occupe entièrement de son site)

Chaque z€uro que je récupère avec les pubs et les donations est réinvesti dans les différents sites, que ce soit pour régler les coûts annuels ou bien (la plupart du temps) pour acheter de quoi vous faire de jolis concours (exemple: extension du Mordor lors des Énigmes de D&Co).
Non, je ne partirais pas aux Maldives grâce à LotRO.
Non, je ne m’arrêterais pas de travailler grâce à LotRO.
Oui, mes différents sites resterons totalement gratuits.
Oui, je continuerais, quelques soit les gains, nuls ou non, à m’investir dans la communauté et dans le jeu !

Merci encore de m’avoir offert ce café (serré, toujours) et à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures.

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