Buy Sofie Liv Pedersen a coffee


Hallo, my name is Sofie. A silly little woman from a silly little country called Denmark. I write a lot of silly little things, and some silly HUGE things! All in good fun :)

Hallo and welcome to my BMC page.

I love writing fanfiction. My biggest fandoms currently being Harry Potter where I wrote a massive fic and the MCU, mostly Thor and Loki.

I think my fics has done fairly well. Which is amazing.

I also look to branch into music and create original tracks for my original music. Sadly due to corona I have lost my job and have yet to get it back. So scraping money together is challenging.
I would appreciate it with any little help people would be willing to give.

And if not, that's fine to. Lots of love Sofie.

Sadly, as there is still a huge language barrier in the way I am unable to do so alone and will be hiring native english speakers to help me. If you would like to help me, any support would be of great help.