That has been part of many of our lives that needs to be released to whoever made us believe it was a great pet to keep around. The unique thing is you're probably wondering where this cat resides or have become so comfortable that you hardly notice that it exists. Understand we're not taking about a physical cat, but a belief that has kept you in your box of comfort and potentially has limited the life you've experienced.

Before we address the cat, what aspect of life have you reduced to fit into the perception you possess? We end up holding ourselves back because we have never questioned the stories or beliefs we hold as our brain goes down the path of least resistance. We have come across others that have these big dreams, but than those dreams start to become tiny because of the words being spoken and the beliefs that start to come to the surface and the reason it won't work out. How much longer are you going to let your dreams die based on the watering that takes place by your words?

Well hear comes the cat, that you may have asked yourself what are Scott and Patrick getting at when they speak about a potentially imaginary cat? What's the one saying that deals with a cat? How about curiosity killed the cat. Imagine how many individuals have slowed their momentuem, or never even went to the edge of the comfort zone, because of what others believed about themselves. To our surprise, there is a second part of the saying that seems to have been left off for the convince and to fall in line with the perspective of the speaker of the quote. Ultimately growing up would have looked much different. The full quote goes "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back". Risk is part of life, so where in your life do you need to become childlike and bring the spark of curiosity back into the picture?

Let go of the cat and become an explorer!