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My name is Megan, I'm 20 years old, I'm Venezuelan, I love writing, reading and watching anime, my favorites are Naruto and Sword Art online.

Hi my little cute crows, Im gonna tell y'all my story as cosplayer, do not take your snack yet because we are just starting and I should not take so much time updating y'all
My passage as cosplayer starting in octuber 2014 with a convention calling "Otakumana" in my natal city. I made my first cosplay of Deidara's Naruto anime, from that moment I knew that I was loved about the entire process to make clothing, makeup and personification.
I've been doing a few cosplays after that, but with the economic situation of my country it was so hard to keeping doing. The high cost of materials and everything, it was too much for my wallet. With a total of 7 cosplays I could say it my adventurge it has just begun.