In January 2021, I looked forward and saw another year of lockdowns, chaos, indecisions and oppression around the world. For a few years now, I had joked about being able to write enough short stories for a book a month. In 2021, during our first lockdown in Ireland, I wrote my new Book Lemondemic (30 short stories in 30 days). Each story was based on randomly chosen words by family, friends and complete strangers across social media.

It was a truly rewarding experience and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Now, I have embark on the ultimate challenge for any aspiring fiction writer, to write 365 short stories in 2021.

With no income in 2020, due to the pandemic, I exhausted my funds getting Lemondemic (Book 3) published.

So, now, I need help to fund the publication of future books for the 365 stories from this challenge. A friend suggested setting up a buy me a coffee campaign.

Please support a local artist by buying me a coffee.

Thank you

Perry Simpson