Real Life Thursday: Hopeful or hopelessness.

I really enjoy writing my short stories, but some are very hard to write. My stories give me a glimpse of what life might be like for my protagonist and face the ugly truth about the various antagonists. The story of Hope took me to a place I didn’t like. It was a reality check.

The topic of refugees has become one of those subjects that is difficult to feel that you can express a view openly. Yet, the displacement of people due to various reasons is increasing. Everywhere you look in the world people are fleeing from life-threatening situations. Whole families get caught up in this and often there are sacrifices made to ensure the children of a family are saved.

Hope is a story that is based on several accounts I found on the internet. Accounts of people’s suffering on the long road to safety. In most cases, that is what we are talking about here. The story follows the journey to freedom of family caught up in the fighting in a small town bordering Syria. The story follows the journey of Amal, who is trying to be reunited with her brother, she can only assume made it to the UK. For all, she knows she might be the only member o her family still alive.

I tried to capture what it might be like to take that journey. It was quite exhausting to write and keep an open mind. My research was hampered by the many items of fake or agenda-specific stories. The Internet library has become riddled with the bullets of bad press on the plight of refugees. Nobody wants them. Nobody wants the problem. Yet, no one is interested in finding a solution to the problem. Behind all of this are real people and human suffering on a scale that would not be tolerated in modern society in any developed country. Many die trying to escape to freedom.

Therefore, I felt compelled to write a story that represented the world as seen by someone who is searching for the one family member that might still be alive. We are all suffering in this world, but some have to go to extraordinary lengths to find dignity in the free world.

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