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Vchoir is a free virtual choir for all.  The choir was created by Elizabeth Lusty. Elizabeth is a choir leader, musician and mum of two based in Ealing, West London. Whilst trying to connect with her existing choirs Elizabeth realised that many more people could benefit from singing together.

We want to keep Vchoir free and open to as many people as possible but if you would like to support Elizabeth & all of the team at Vchoir at this time it would be greatly appreciated. You can do this by buying Elizabeth a (virtual) coffee:

@laheggessey bought 3 coffees.

Have so enjoyed being part of Choir. Can't wait for Abba week!

elizabeth bryony white
elizabeth bryony white bought a coffee.

Thank you Elizabeth 💕🌈😁

Someone bought a coffee.

Love Friday nights. Thankyou

Brilliant 🌈🎶😎 thank you x

Maxine bought 3 coffees.

I’m loving this choir. It’s not easy but you’re brilliant. Thank you

Hi Maxine, thanks so much for the coffees and kind words. I really appreciate it 😊💙😎🎶🌈

Babs Thompson
Babs Thompson bought a coffee.