I'm very anxious to share my insights on Gallifrey One with all of you. I was fortunate enough to get interviews with Jason Haigh-Ellery who owns Big Finish and actor Sarah Sutton who many of you know as Nyssa from 'Doctor Who'. Those interviews and my previous, never-before aired interview with Paul McGann will be part of my next show! Be sure you area following me on Twitter and Instagram @GeekToMeRadio so you never miss an updated.

Also, this coming Saturday (2/29/2020) I'll be interview actor Arthur Burghardt whose voice may be familiar to many of you if you, like I did, grew up in the 80's watching Go-Bots, G.I. Joe and Transformers! If you've got a question that YOU'D like to ask of this living legend, then just... Buy Me A Coffee and leave your question in the comments and I will be sure to ask him!!