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I am a non-binary trans person born, raised & still living in Philadelphia. I have 2 cats, a love for nature and thunderstorms, and want to make things for my non-binary siblings!

Welcome to my BMC page. 

The idea for starting this little button business came after I searched the internet (read: Etsy) for non-binary buttons and accessories. There were very few shops that carried what I was looking for. In an effort to have non-binary items in Philly as well as potentially selling them across the states, I took it upon myself to create the change that I want to see in the world. Currently, I only have 1 inch buttons (it was the most affordable button maker to obtain), but as sales increase, I want to buy larger button makers as well as start making stickers and nickel-free jewelry (I'm allergic to nickel)! I want to create a little something for everyone, like relatable sayings and binary pronouns, but the primary focus is for non-binary trans folks.