I was vending at Franky's Follies at Franky Bradley's last night! I'm trying to get more vending gig to spread the word about my wares. ^_^  A friend gave me some string lights to help brighten the area! (That room is hella dark otherwise.) Here's a good look at my current inventory. I have intersex and bisexual heart stickers on the way and I'm working on adding ze/hir pronoun buttons to the stock as well. Also, I just got a 1.25 in button maker! I'm going to experiment with making the template before I start making buttons with it. I hope to eventually start collaborating with local queer artists. I've got ideas for the Sister Bear Burlesque troupe, which is an all fat burlesque troupe in Philadelphia!❤️  I'm also learning more and more about Photoshop every time I create a new button. It's an adventure! Thanks for joining me! Stay tuned! 💖😘