The Bundle Pack, which includes 23 Unreal Engine landscapes and 7 sky panoramas, was created by game artist Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu, aka Velarion, co-founder of RealityArts Studio.

The assets include high-resolution package, 8k resolution landscapes and 7 high-quality skybox panoramas.

Download Elite Landscapes Click HERE

Elite Landscapes is a high-resolution landscape package, the complete package includes 23 8k resolution landscapes and 7 high-quality skybox panoramas. Also included are the light levels and settings you see in the screenshots and video.

Bundle Pack:

  • Desert I

  • Alien Pack I

  • Alien Pack II

  • Rocky Meadows

  • Rocky Hills

  • Valley


  • 23 Landscapes7 Sky images.

  • 24 Levels with different light setups.

  • Original 8k heatmaps

  • Basic Landscape material


Texture Sizes:

  • Landscape heatmaps: 8128*8128·

  • All other textures are mostly 4096*4096.

  • Very small amount of them are 2048*2048.

  • Collision: Yes, automatic.

  • LODs: Yes, automatic landscape LOD.

  • Number of Meshes: 23 Landscapes, 1 static mesh for sky sphere.

  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Base Materials, 2 Material Instances, 4 Material Functions

  • Number of Textures: 18

  • Supported Development Platforms: Desktop and Console.

  • Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop and Console.