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Lowdown on the lockdown

Lowdown on the lockdown

Sep 16, 2020

You'd think lockdown would have given us the time to write several books, keep updating our blogs and websites and writes countless articles, earning us enough money to buy...chips. But no. Because Fate is a cruel mistress. So cruel, in fact, that she struck Cat down with constant migraines which began in April. There are three triggers to these migraines: lack of sleep; sunlight; and the laptop screen. Perversely, the laptop screen triggers the worst migraines. Looking at it for only a minute sends shooting pains through her right eye and causes horrendous pain in the form of a migraine. These are now being investigated.

So it's meant that Lynx has had to soldier on with When In Chrome magazine completely solo. And of course, lockdown meant we had to close our shiny new pole studio. So we switched to teaching online. With our one student, Hayley. Well, Lynx taught online. Cat lay in a darkened room, drinking Red Bull and cursing the brain cyst doctors found, which was most probably caused by rage.

That brings us up to date. We've had some stories accepted for publication and two of our teaching halls have reopened. We adopted four degus, four hamsters and two guinea pigs during lockdown, taking our animal army up to 24. Now lockdown is pretty much over, (but also starting again), we're teaching polefit in our garden and in two halls. We realised that our sloped and lumpy garden (thanks countless rabbits digging it up over the last 30 years) isn't overly suitable for stage poles, so our mum taught us how to lay crazy paving for hard standing for one pole. We've been leveling the grass and got carried away with improving our garden, so taught ourselves how to make woven fencing out of buddleia, willow and whatever fallen sticks we find over our local park. We're working on pole comp routines, still working on the magazine and are going broke thanks to vet bills for one of the cats and one of the new hamsters. Oh and we had to rescue one of our snakes from under the floorboards.

Don't ask. It's been one of those weeks.

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