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What we did in lockdown

What we did in lockdown

May 11, 2021

Not a lot, to be honest. In October we ran away to join the circus. Well, kinda. We did a 6 week Intro to Circus course. Absolutely loved it. Except for the flying trapeze. That can fuck right off! We were invited to write a story based on the cover art of Time Bomb Comics 2, by Steve Tanner, which we did. Mostly we've been working on When In Chrome Magazine and writing true crime articles. We have a few due to be published this year. So we decided to write a true crime book. Except the cases we chose all have sealed records that we can't access until 2040. We do like to make things difficult for ourselves, don't we?

We're currently building a C L Raven website. We actually started this months ago, then forgot all about it. We recently got a job as count staff for the Welsh Senedd elections and spent three days in a sports hall counting votes and drinking copious amounts of Red Bull to compensate for the early starts.

During lockdown we have also taken in a LOT of animals. 4 degus, 5 hamsters (2 sadly died), 3 gerbils, 1 snake, 2 guinea pigs, which became 6 guinea pigs as one was pregnant. We kept them all. They don't stop eating. And we recently adopted a puppy, Romeo, who doubles in size every week and we will soon have to buy a bigger settee.

Lockdown restrictions are lifting and we will be reopening our polefit studio! And getting another tattoo. Dinosaur ones. There's probably more we've done but my (Cat) migraine meds seem to have deleted some memory cells along with the migraines. Time for a system reboot! So we'll be signing off now to continue building our website while we remember it exists.

Stay spooky!

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