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New phone

As I can't spend long hours sitting in front of the computer, most of my work are done on my phone.  This includes writing, shooting videos, taking pictures, researching and much more.  I truly need a stable phone with a good memory and storage.  I've been using Redmi Note 8 since 3 years ago.It's a good phone but currently showing signs of unable to support certain new updates of the apps I'm currently using.  I'm looking to upgrade to Redmi Note 11.

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New Laptop for Work

My current laptop is probably 10 years old, using an old windows and keep crashing and giving me headaches.  I've tried sending it for repairs but they said it's too outdated to do  much.  I'm wishing for a new good laptop that will allow me to my work seamlessly.I do not play games except for the occasionally solitaire and I'm only using it to process online orders, writing and updating my tiktok / youtube channel

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