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Rootshire Chess

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Vilan bought 5 coffees.

What I was looking for. Thanks.

Great!  Glad it helped you out!

I spoke too soon. I went on the site with my grandson on his computer, and when he moved (and reset) I could not see his move. It seemed as if could move black and white pieces, and I could move white, but we were not in the same game. e signed out and in a few times and related, but the problem persisted.

I'm sorry that happened.  I just tested with my kids again to be sure it was still working.  It's hard to know for sure, but the main way I could see that happening is 1) you really were in different rooms or 2) one of the browsers was not supported.  The way it should work is both computers can see and move both black and white pieces.  Chrome is probably the best browser to use.  I'll be glad to refund your donation, though.

No, no no. That is not on the table. You did a good deed and generously created something that promised to be very helpful in promoting fun within families. My token donation was for your intention, not the reultd.

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Playing chess with my grandchildren during this Covid  situation is marvelous. Thank you!

My kids have played with their grandfather as well- it makes my day that this simple app is helping that happen.   Thanks for the coffee!

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I found your online chess website via HackerNews and was able to enjoy a nice 3 hour chat/gaming session with a friends thanks to you!

Very cool!  HackerNews is great.  Glad you enjoyed your time

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This is great. I was able to play with my family very easy and it worked the first time. Thank you again.

It makes my day that it you and your family enjoyed it!  Thanks for the coffee!