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Rootshire Chess

Fuzel Hafiz
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This is a great site! Helps me and my kids keep in touch with my Dad, such a wonderful offering! One thing I would love to see is a way to go back one move, as my dad sometimes makes mistakes with his mouse or keypad moving the pieces. Thank you so much for this great project. You kick ass.

So cool.  I love hearing how this simple project helps people all over the world keep in touch.  Adding "undo" is on my list, but a little tricky because the two sides can get out of sync and lose game history.  Will see what I can to though!

*Will see what I can _do_ though!

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Great site! Thanks for putting it together!

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Great way to link with family and friends remotely. I'm looking to share a game with others via video, on a reoccurring basis, and this site offers that plus more! 

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