Out of frustration I created a meme for my social media accounts using this picture.  I used it to illustrate the frustrations of black creatives and to be fair of creatives in general.  Anyone starting a creative endeavour, sets out with high hopes, “Build it and they will come” we think.  What we don’t reason for is that they might come, but when they do it will be with customer complaints, attitude, lack of appreciation for work, negativity oh and haggling down the value of your art 😂.  People let me tell you, that grinding negativity hurts.  It cuts to your soul, so when you do get some support, a like, a comment, a DM or better yet a donation or sale, that small token of appreciation can carry you onwards for months. 

Don’t let your favourite creator starve people, feed them attention, praise oh and when you can, buy them a freakin’ coffee already, they really need it.