During this pandemic, it was clear a lot was changing and a lot had changed, however humans were beginning to contribute and care more for one another, It was a beautiful thing to see in sad times.

Setting in my house with nothing much to contribute, I hoped that a solution will come out somewhere. Meanwhile I just had to contribute anyway I could. Tried to join several web design teams that seemed to be working on covid 19 apps, but I didn't like their speed, so I decided to go solo.

I am a front-end guy, but with Firebase on my side I was able to build a repository site for vector graphics which I drew myself. I tried to recruit other people, but it would take too long for them to learn how to create vector graphics.

This project has been such a learning experience, I got a email from a staruo founder, who asked if he could use my illustrations on his site, I was amazed and said why not, they are open source in the first place. The king of joy you get for contribution to the world is something you should seek out each day, no matter how long it takes for your impact to be felt.

One person at a time, one line of code at a time and one polygon of design element. We make the world a better place.