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Yet another Minimalist !!?‍♂️

👋 Hey there! I’m Anees
I am a software developer, I live in Dublin. Sole maker of glimpses and a great advocate of minimalism.
glimpses is a simple, minimal and free journal app for windows ✍️.

For the past 4 years, I've been supporting glimpses. Always believed in Zero ads.
Now I'd like to have your support. if you like my software, kindly consider backing me.
Please drop a few bu¢ksto help me pay for a coffee ☕ or servers.

Supporting will make glimpses a sustainable project.

Thank you!

Morgana Alexa Dovah bought a coffee.

Hi, I am just checking out your app. It sounds great but I'm not big on minimalism so I guess I'll see lol. I like tons of fonts or the ability to use my downloaded Windows 10 fonts and the ability to add frames and clip art to my pages. I want to use it as a Book of Shadows so I will be adding text, pics, images, writing, drawings, etc etc. I really hope it is what I am looking for. If it works out I'll come and buy you more coffee lol =)

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