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A vanilla latte loving writer who enjoys searching for beautiful things. She blogs regularly about her imperfect attempt to find the good that still exists in the world.

I've been blogging since 2013 about my pursuit of beautiful things in a hurting world. Since I started I got married, have had 9 jobs, bought a house and lost a parent. I've consumed an absurd amount of vanilla lattes and perhaps, most importantly, I've grown up. 

I'm coming to realize my purpose in writing is I want to help. Help myself heal, love this magnificent, magical world, build gratitude, dream bigger, and experience new things.

My hope this blog strikes a chord in you, lifts you up in a dreary world, and whispers tendrils of hope straight to your heart. 

Your support will help me turn this blog into a book! Or fuel another post with liquid gold, vanilla nectar of the Gods. Or Both. 


Suzanne W Moughon bought 5 coffees.

Thank you for your writing, your generous heart, and your giving spirit. Enjoy some caffeine on me, and may it continue to fuel your desire to make this world a better place- one blog post at a time.  

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Go dreams go!

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You go girl!  I love reading your blog, find your words inspiring, and want to see you continue in your journey.  

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I love what you do so I'm happy to support you!