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I coordinate the community arts project, 52 Stitched Stories. I am a textile artist passionate about the power of stitching.

This page has been designed to help support the community arts project, 52 Stitched Stories.  Beginning life on a small Scottish island, the project is now in 24 countries around the world.  The aim is to produce a postcard piece of stitched work each week for 52 weeks or as many as life allows.  Whenever you start is week one.  The project is supported by a Facebook page (52stitchedstories) and a website (  It is run by a couple of islanders who give of their time freely.  As with any project there are some administrative expenses but there are also some expenses to allow the project to be supported by travelling workshops and exhibitions.  This page allows you to make a small donation to help support the project.  All donations are so welcome.  🙏🧵❤️
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