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Mary Pat Campbell, aka meep, has been blogging about pensions, finance, and mortality for years.

If you like my blogging -- on pensions, on taxes, or on mortality -- please consider buying me a coffee (well, some loose leaf tea - I have a full pot of tea every day!).

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Don't Forget my Substack!

Mar 30, 2020

Howdy all -- been a lot of stuff going on lately. STUMP went down for a few days, but luckily, I had a substack set up: ... see more

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Testing Something Out - Comments

Jan 03, 2020

I am thinking about doing more with the Buy me a coffee site.

One thing I'm considering is putting posts that people can comment on, we can chat, etc. 

Since I started STUMP, I have... see more

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Happy Birthday And Thank You

Thanks for the gift!

Chris bought 2 coffees.

I bought you and Stu a cup each so you don't have to fight over one

Thanks, Chris! And he drinks coffee... I drink tea... so this works out

Ed Bartholomew bought a coffee.

Loved your response to Ghilarducci's piece on "Working Longer..." Well done!

Thanks so much, Ed! ;)

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great work...I depend on your posts

Thanks so much, Ron!

Tony Lombardo
Tony Lombardo bought 2 coffees.