My 30th birthday is coming up! April 2nd 2021 woohoo!

I was going to go to Europe for a London-Paris adventure, but between covid and finances, it just would not be responsible to go for at least another year or two.

But in the meantime, a way you could help me out for my birthday is by contributing to a Yogibo, something I've wanted since it was a humble invention on the Grommet.

My loyal dome chair finally keeled over. It is currently at the curb and useless (metal is bent and way too low to the ground) I got 6-7 good years out of it though.

For now I am doing my computer work and teaching lessons from my couch, but I would love to have something comfier and better for my back.

Any additional donations after my met goal will go to a fingers crossed eventual Eurotrip adventure!

Thank you for any small contribution to my birthday present :)