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If you haven't listened to the Comparisons Part 1 Episode go back and check it out! It is all about comparing yourself to others and exploring the effect that has on you.  Today let’s look at another comparison. This one is about you comparing yourself to who you used to be. These are the thoughts that sound like…

I used to be stronger when I was in college.

I used to be so consistent with my habits.

Back then I was better at getting back on track.

These comparisons can take you out of your present moment and often cause you to focus on what you are “NOT” doing.  If all you can see is “I am not fill in the blank,” then it is going to be hard to see what is in front of you.  It’s going to be hard to see your current situation. It is going to be hard to see the things that you can create.  

And to be completely honest I totally understand that sometimes we look back at past versions of ourselves and yearn to be that person again.  Friendly reminder that there is a difference between yearning to be that person again, wallowing in the fact that you are NOT that person any more, and choosing to be the person that you want to be or choosing to love who you are now.  It’s ok to want to be like the person you used to be AND how can you create that again! And at the same time how can you learn to love who you have become.

Here is the other tricky thing about comparing yourself to past versions of yourself.  If you are looking into the past, what are you missing, ignoring or distracting yourself from in the present.  Sometimes we look back at who we used to be so that we can remember the parts of ourself that we really liked or loved

So the next time that you find yourself yearning to be the person you used to be, stop and take a breath.  Here are a couple prompts to reflect on.

What did you like about the person you used to be and how can you implement those qualities or habits back into your life?  What do I currently want in my life and how can I set goals and make a plan to achieve that again?

All in all, the right mix of gratitude and goal setting is a great place to start the next time you compare yourself to the person you were at any point in the past.

For more on what to focus on instead of comparisons, enjoy this video episode!