Time for a simple message today.  Breath. Slow down. And breathe again. Yes, most of the time during a 5 minute fuck yeah I am talking about getting excited and inspired, which are often high energy things! And normally I am rearing to get you pumped up to get out and crush it!

Today I want to go in a different direction.  I know that I regularly find myself going too fast. This comes in the form of racing thoughts, or too many ideas or wanting to do everything right now and not knowing where to start.  I am here to say that the act of slowing down can add good things to your life.

Growing up I remember hearing messages telling me to “Do more!” and “Work harder!” and “Keep on that grind!  (I hear this a lot in the fitness industry, as well.) When I used to hear those messages the main emotions that I felt were pressure and fear.  And yet I still subscribed to those messages. I thought that was how things were done.  I thought all of that would motivate me and inspire me to be great, but in truth I found myself exhausted.  The more I listened to those messages, the more I pushed myself to burn out.  I was going at a pace that wasn’t working for me AKA I was going too fast.

Learning how to slow down gave me space to understand myself.  Finding a pace that suited me the best allowed me to know when I could push myself and when I needed rest. And making sure that I stopped to rest helped me put my best foot forward. Slowing down helped me stay sane as I worked intentionally on the things that matter the most to me.

Working harder isn’t always the answer. It is one option! There are so many other options that you can explore. Taking a moment to slow down could give you some much needed clarity. Now, will slowing down fix everything? No, probably not. Can it give you enough time and space to figure a few things out? I assert that it can. 

Slowing down is also simple.  I find simplicity to be refreshing and relieving in an increasingly complex world.  Instead of adding something to your life, what if you did a little bit of nothing? What if you even subtracted something, AKA took something OFF of your plate?  What do you think would happen if you simplified something? What could you gain if you slowed down?

For more on adding to your life by slowing down, enjoy this video episode!