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5MoA Ep:8 - Go do the thing!

5MoA Ep:8 - Go do the thing!

Dec 19, 2022

A simple message to start at the top for you, “Go do the thing!” What ever it is, stop thinking and start acting. Action dispels overwhelm.  Get out there and fail a little bit. Make some mistakes. Learn and move forward! 
The second message for you today is “Get excited!”
If you can let yourself be upset about things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, can you also take simple things and get excited about them? Like… “OMG Hell yeah it’s time to do laundry!!!!”  And who told you chores have to be boring?  Who told you that doing your taxes sucks?  The phrases “that’s boring” or “this is going to suck” are judgements, interpretations and opinions that we put on things.  Guess what, you can make a different judgment. You can change your opinion about something… just by changing your opinion. 
So, what would happen if you took small simple aspects of your life and got really excited about them?  And you can look at it 2 different ways.  #1 What things am I less excited about and how could I inject some awesomeness into them?  #2 What things do I already love and how could I amplify those things to make them even better?

For more ways to get excited, enjoy this video episode!

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