To do lists don't have to suck.  What if it felt a little easier to take action on your “to do” list?  What if you felt less pressure to get it all done when you look at your to do list.  What if you didn’t feel overwhelmed by the tasks that are in front of you?  Let’s take a moment to look closer at your “to do” List and see how we could change our perspective about it simply by changing the title of the list!

Now I am the kind of person that has a bunch of projects and ideas running through my head all the time. So the energy it takes for me to remember all of them and my next steps is overwhelming.  And of course this is why making a list is important for me. I can get everything out of my head, look at it objectively and make a plan.

However, when I just write things down in list form, I look at it and I get bored and overwhelmed at the same time. Bleh! 🙁 So instead I made a simple shift by changing the title of this list.  I now call it my “I get to” list and I write out each thing on my list with the words “I get to” in front of it!  Now this list has the same energy as all the things that I love doing!  

The other thing I love about my “I get to” list is that now it feels like I have more control over it than I did over the “to do” list.  Truthfully, I have the same control over both lists. However, the change that I feel when I say to myself “I get to follow up with leads” is empowerment and choice rather than pressure and overwhelm.  When I give myself the choice and the permission to do these things, I feel in control of my life!

And start by keeping it simple! Pick 3 things on that list, write out “I get to” 3 times and fill in those sentences. Then get to it!

For more about all the things you get to do, enjoy this video episode!