Are you using your imagination for good or for evil?  Are you letting your imagination get the best of you and create worlds of worry and worst case scenarios?  Do you realize that you did almost the same thing when you were a kid and you were imagining fantastical worlds filled with dragons?  
One of the most wonderful tools you have is your imagination!  I remember imagining that I could become magical if I got rays of light to hit me in just the right way! And now as an adult, I have learned to use my imagination to see best case scenarios in my mind for everything from my daily activities to my goals!  I’ll say this as well, learning how to use my imagination in this way as an adult was a skill I had to develop. It took understanding more about how I think, I literally had to think about my thinking. Now it is one of the most motivating tools I have in my tool box as a coach, a human, and an entrepreneur.
So next time you hear yourself say… “what if everything goes wrong today…” remember… that is your imagination running amuck!  Switch it up and imagine a best case scenario instead.

For more about using your imagination for good, enjoy this video episode!