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5MoA Ep:6 - What are you waiting for?

5MoA Ep:6 - What are you waiting for?

Dec 19, 2022

For todays “You Got 5 Minutes” let’s talk about one of the things that can derail your goals!  Are you putting conditions on your goals or your action steps?  For example, I have to do “X” before I can do “Y”.  If you are waiting to figure out “X” before you even start thinking about “Y” then you may be waiting unnecessarily, which could also lead to frustration and giving up. I know it’s happened to me before!  Instead of thinking of these 2 things as being in 2 separate camps, let’s look for a mindset shift.  What if these 2 things are 2 parts of the same pie?  WHAT IF you could do some version of “X” while you are working on “Y”?

Here is a more specific example

“I have to lose weight before I can start running.”

In this case, the condition is that losing weight is a prerequisite for starting to run.  And I am here to remind you that you truly have so many options in front of you.  So instead of waiting on that condition to lose weight before you even approach running, ask yourself this question.  How many different ways can you think of to start running WHILE you continue to work on your weight loss goal?

This is one example out of many!  Pay attention to when you are telling yourself the story of “I have to do ‘X’ before I can do ‘Y’.” And shift your mindset to “How could I work on “X” while I work on “Y”?

For more about shifting your mindset to take action, enjoy this video episode!

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