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🌱 About me

After 4 years of being vegan, i've been voluntarily involved in activism groups which helped me to canalize a necessity to share with others the positive impact that veganism has to not only to our health but the environment & much more. After not being able to do more activism because of other responsibilities, I decided to create a calculator so we can see how much we would save on a vegan lifestyle and also this website gathers resources to Inform, learn and use as a resource for quick access to facts, quotes, vegan information about plant-based diets and an ethical way of living 💚

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Other future features we are working on with your support:
- Vegan saves calculator improvements
- Easy swaps for vegan foods tool
- Weekly recipes sent with weekly subscription
- Vegan progress tracking app
- eBook for common Vegan questions
- FAQ page updates
- Inclusion of new content and pages
- Stay tuned for new features!