Finally Vegan Recipes are here! High pro ...

Finally Vegan Recipes are here! High protein, low calorie recipes

Feb 24, 2021

Finally Vegan Recipes are here! High protein, low calorie recipes

Plant-based diets are healthier, environment-friendly, and really yummy. Although these vegan recipes are designed to help you lose body fat by staying on a calorie deficit while felling full and high-protein to build and maintain muscle. Enhance your vegan lifestyle with tasty new flavors.

These recipes are made with low calorie dense foods like vegetables and fruits mainly and different kind of plant-based proteins. (Soy protein mainly but any could be used like: Rice protein, Pea protein or Hemp protein)

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Why these recipes?

1 year ago in the first quarantine I wanted to make a change in my lifestyle. Get fit. And I started creating recipes high on protein, low fat, low calorie but dense so as to fill full and trick myself as to not to over eat. These recipes also are low in sugar and salt. I know it sounds not very appealing but after a week you get used to it and love it! Especially when you see the body fat % going down!

How is the recipe page structured?

Recipe summary:

  1. Name of the recipe

  2. Calories per serving (rounded to 0 decimals)

  3. Amount of servings

  4. Preparation time

  5. Cooking time

Secondly you will find on the left side the list of ingredients. There are no rules in the kitchen so this is the moment for creativity and to make it your own. You can follow the recipe as is and in the future improve it with your own tastes and likes, just focus on maintaining the low calorie dense aspect of the recipe.

Nutrition Facts

Contrary to most recipe blogs as these recipes are intended for a specific purpose (lose weight, maintain muscle or gain muscle accompanied with exercise) You might find that the recipes are high in protein low in carbs and low in fat.

That's why is important to rapidly see the distribution of the recipe calories on a chart.

Also some of these recipes are the base for others, or go well mixed together with other recipes.

Stay tuned to the recipe section as I will be uploading more recipes soon. And also improving the ones that are already online. I will also be adding more photos.

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This I've been working on and will keep working on:

  • Recipes page (add photos and add more recipes)

  • Improving SEO and pages structure, standardizing the images and Icon sizes for proper loading

  • eBook with vegan information

  • Add more vegan quotes

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