New backer - Veganzone App

New backer - Veganzone App

Mar 30, 2021

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce a new backer that recently joined our list of companies that encourage a healthy vegan lifestyle.

What is Veganzone?

Veganzone is a new mobile application where people who follow vegan & vegetarian lifestyle can share their common values, meet each other, socialize over the events they create and purchase vegan products.


You can also upvote them on the Veganzone Product Hunt post

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Veganzone is a community-based platform where plant-based users can share their common values, socialize through the activities they create, leave questions and posts on any subject they like.


  • Create and share contents

  • Get the latest news, learn and discover trends

  • Meet other vegan & vegetarians from any location, age or gender

  • Create online or in-person events

  • Chat with users around the world

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Following updates coming soon:

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