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60 Day Startups is a community-led effort and run by volunteers – that is all of you!
However we all do have day jobs and may not always be able to devote all the time and resources necessary to run this program for as long as possible. We have relied on our tight knit community that believes in giving back, in many ways, and once again, we call on you to send us some support – until we can learn how to sustain ourselves.

We eventually hope to have a strong alumni that not only supports the economy at large but  can support the program as well, in time – until then, we need all the help we can get from supporters like you who believe in the cause this program was built for. Our strength is in doing good things, together.

Let us also explain why we are seeking support in this way, this is a program run by women, statistics of traditional fundraising are not in our favor, and we are not about to let that stop us. Finding how to create a sustainable business is part of our ethos and what we focus on in the program, and we are walking the talk. Ego aside, this is an amazing program, and everyone involved will speak for it louder than we will. Our socials will showcase all the amazing people involved in this project, but also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Everything counts, even spreading the word as far and as wide as possible.
It takes USD $60,000 to run one program with barebones in place and $90,000 to run a comfortable one, we have a long way to go, please help us get there!