Hi there,

my name is Claudia Blanton, and I am a Mindfulness Coach, Law of Attraction Practioner, Motivational Life Coach, and Content Creator. 

It is a pleasure to meet you!

Here is what you can expect from here on out on this platform

Free monthly content (most likely it will be more often, but I will not promise you more than I can keep) for anyone.

Exclusive content, such as PDF's, journal prompts, Notion journaling templates - all related to Mindfulness, Motivation, and Co-Creation. 

In March, you can also expect courses and books you will be able to purchase via the shop here in "Buy Me A Coffee" so stay tuned to that as well

Thank you for your interest!

I am hoping to talk to you soon!




P.S. Members will also have access to a members-only chat room!