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I will go to Florence, Italy and chill for 10 days.


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Love the content of your articles and your writing style!

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 Cool article! . "How to fix dragging animation in UI with simple math"

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Fantastic case study Nash! I work for an industry leader and it Security. We use a grid system that is customizable on a daily basis and the ux is a total nightmare. I'm planning on leveraging the knowledge you provided in this case study to assist us in developing an experience that is more joyful for our users and customers. Thanks again for the all of the effort you put into creating this case study.. 

That's so cool! Thanks for the support Michael :)

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Thanks Nash, very nice article. I think I will use it, with your permission, ofcourse, in classes (programming etc.) with a taste off mathematics usage. Can I suggest you or ask you some simmilar things (JS with graphical interaction, and perhaps in combination with Vue.),.

Thanks for the support Jadranko. Of course you can :) . You can find me on twitter as @NashVail. 


I will go to Florence, Italy and chill for 10 days.