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Matt Wallace...Naturalist with a geography background. Lifelong learner with a curious mind. Transit user and a passion for connecting people to nature.

Great cities have great parks... whether they be skateparks or beautiful natural areas, I have been striving to be involved with great parks in Calgary since I was 11. My interests surround urban ecology and citizen science. 

I have a BSc Geography (Honours) from the University of Calgary and studied Urban Ecosystem Sciences in Berlin in 2017. I am the organizer of City Nature Challenge Calgary and a regular contributor to a variety of citizen science platforms (particularly iNaturalist and eBird @wowokayyes).

I'm curious about way too many things, hence, why I made up my professional title as a "freelance urban ecologist" (even though I haven't landed that dream job...yet). Regardless, it allows me to blend my passions for nature, urbanism, art, education, and research. 

Hobbies include: getting lost, traveling, picture taking, skateboarding, snowboarding, and birding. I love to walk, bike, take transit!