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Matt Wallace...Naturalist with a geography background. Lifelong learner with a curious mind. Transit user and a passion for connecting people to nature.

Great cities have great parks... whether they be skateparks or beautiful natural areas, I have been striving to be involved with great parks in Calgary since I was 11. My interests surround urban ecology and citizen science. 

I have a BSc Geography (Honours) from the University of Calgary and studied Urban Ecosystem Sciences in Berlin in 2017. I am the organizer of City Nature Challenge Calgary and a regular contributor to a variety of citizen science platforms (particularly iNaturalist and eBird @wowokayyes).

I'm curious about way too many things, hence, why I made up my professional title as a "freelance urban ecologist" (even though I haven't landed that dream job...yet). Regardless, it allows me to blend my passions for nature, urbanism, art, education, and research. 

Hobbies include: getting lost, traveling, picture taking, skateboarding, snowboarding, and birding. I love to walk, bike, take transit!

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Thanks for such a great information session! (April 14 Webinar) You rock!

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Thanks, Matt, for a very informative iNaturalist info session! We're looking forward to challenge youth across Canada in the CWF's WILD Outside program to participate in the City Nature Challenge and contribute to citizen science. We appreciate it!

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