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I make indie games as Pretty Digital. I run Grrrlgame meetups, workshops & jams to encourage and support others to make games too.

Hello! Thanks for visiting.

I'm an artist/writer/gamemaker, based in Bristol, UK & part of the local indie dev scene.

I love designing games that might be a tiny bit thought-provoking and then finding collaborators to join me and make them so we all get a chance to show off. I am currently working on Kissy Kissy! which is a quirky family-friendly co-operative game, fun to play but also makes the point that children should be able to choose who kisses them.

I co-founded and run Grrrl Games monthly in central Bristol and helped set up Women's Tech Hub to support and encourage women in tech. I regularly initiate and run workshops and jams in my spare time, which can be time-consuming and hard to balance with making a living as a freelancer.

If I have ever supported or helped you then do please consider buying me a coffee. Mine's a soy flat white, cheers.