Buy Clemens Richardson a coffee


I am a freelance photographer and digital artist. I do mostly art nudes, sensual portraits, freelance artprojects, retouching. I am into pipesmoking, philosophy, art & arthistory.

    I am a freelance photographer and graphic-designer. I spend my day in front of the screen creating digital art, retouches and thinking about how to give birth to new projects.

    In order to accomplish these tasks I need coffee! Coffee is my elixir, my nectar, my life-essence.

    I prefere a locally roasted mexican fairtrade type coffee, daily ground from beans in a professional mill and then handbrewed in a french press. I carefully regard the temperature of the water and savour the first invigorating sip of the day.

    This for me is the best start in a long day of creative work, behind the camera as well as infront of the screen.

    Please support this luxurious pleasure of mine to help me keep up my work for your eye-gems.

    You supporters have a standing invatation to have a coffee with me and chat with me about shootings or anything.