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I love bringing personal stories and lesser known aspects of the Cold War to people. My goal is to encourage more people to learn more about this critical period in world history

Cold War Conversations is a not for profit project to preserve the oral histories and lesser known aspects of the Cold War.

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Mike Eastwood bought a coffee.

Excellent podcast. Especially interested in the BAOR and East Germany.

Thanks Mike. Delighted you are enjoying it. Definitely more episodes coming up on your favourite subjects.

TB bought a coffee.

Great podcast! 

Roger bought a coffee.

Keep up the great work Ian

Thanks v much Roger. Plenty of varied episodes coming up in the next few weeks which should suit all listeners.

Daisy Birkenhead bought a coffee.

Thanks Daisy! Really pleased you are enjoying the podcasts. What's your Cold War area of interest?

Anthony Gifford
Anthony Gifford bought a coffee.

Anthony, thanks so much! I'm really pleased you are enjoying the podcasts.