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Reformed whitewater paddler turned sea kayaker. Reluctant web developer.

Thanks for clicking on the link. I don't make anything from Tidelines except for donations, but the website costs money to host and plenty of my time to maintain. It's nice when other paddlers say thank you, buy me a beer here or in the Paddlers Return, or donate a small sum towards the hosting costs.
chris w
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echo what stu marshall said, certainly makes the planning easier. Thanks fella

Many thanks Chris - good to hear it simplifies your planning!

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Stuart Marshall
Stuart Marshall bought 3 beers.

Your map just continues to make my planning easier.  Brilliant tool.  Been round Islay just last week.  Cheers.

Thanks Stuart! Impressed that you got round Islay last week - we retreated from the West Coast due to the weather and the midges!

Andy W
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Recently recommend your site and just using it today for the first time.  Great work & thank you.

Andy - many thanks for your kind words and your generosity! 

James Tait
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