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Reformed whitewater paddler turned sea kayaker. Reluctant web developer.

Thanks for clicking on the link. I don't make anything from Tidelines except for donations, but the website costs money to host and plenty of my time to maintain. It's nice when other paddlers say thank you, buy me a beer here or in the Paddlers Return, or donate a small sum towards the hosting costs.
Angus Crozier
Angus Crozier bought 2 beers.

Many thanks Rich. Your work is appreciated. Hope the pubs open soon.

Thanks Angus!  Also very much appreciate your input to make the information on the site more accurate.

Mike Hayward
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Steve bought a beer.

Good to check my own marked up (paper) maps! Many thanks.

Glad you're finding it useful Steve! I give no guarantees that my information will be any better than yours 😉  - please do let me know if you discover any errors, or can improve my data!

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Marina Sinclair
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Tidelines is amazing!  thank you

Thanks Marina - your comment has brightened my day!