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Reformed whitewater paddler turned sea kayaker. Reluctant web developer.

Thanks for clicking on the link. I don't make anything from Tidelines except for donations, but the website costs money to host and plenty of my time to maintain. It's nice when other paddlers say thank you, buy me a beer here or in the Paddlers Return, or donate a small sum towards the hosting costs.
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It's a really useful site, I recommend it to all my fellow sea kayakers (and encourage them to buy you a beer)

Many thanks! It's wonderful to hear that the site is useful!

Hi Richard, can I just check - are the times GMT? Also after I posted it on the club FB page I got some warnings from the more experienced guys: 'the tide information at Knifstone(outer Farne Islands) seems to be copied from the Pesda press guide and is 2 hours too late, which can have serious consequences, considering that this is about 8km offshore!' someone else agreed and said 'also problems with very large chunks of the Scottish west coast in this from experience plus SW Scotland (Galloway) and Barrow/Walney Island areas .' I also seem to remember that you had a email address on the site at one point which makes me think you might know my friend David Bailey who is in the town canoe club in Cambridge

Hi Margaret - if you use the site's feature to calculate times, it's all given in British Summer Time (if relevant). One of the difficulties in collating information on tidal streams is the lack of reliable information. For some areas information is scant and in others contradictory. I'm always keen to hear good information from locals! I haven't had a address for many years, but I am a member of the Cambridge club. I don't think I've met David yet, but no doubt I will at some point.

Thanks Richard, I've suggested the critics provide more specific feedback. Dave has a key to the boat store in Newnham and paddles up to Byron's Pool most mornings but I don't think he does much sea kayaking.

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Very handy. Well done. 

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Thanks Richard, very helpful website and glad to contribute

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