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Hello! My name is Brian Johnson and I produce 7 Minute Security, a weekly podcast focused on penetration testing, blue teaming and building a career in security.

I'm passionate about security and I create content to help others take the next step in their IT and security career!  Specifically, I make:

7 Minute Security podcast - a weekly podcast where I tell stories of successful (and failed!) pentests, share cool security tools/tips/scripts I'm learning about, and fundamental defenses you should have in place to better protect your network.

YouTube videos - about network and Web pentesting, network hardware configuration tutorials and more.

Webinars - where I walk you through specific pentest tools and techniques, provide tips on starting your own security company, and more.

BPATTY (Brian's Pentesting and Technical Tips for You) - a wiki of tech/security tips, tricks and scripts. BPATTY gets updated regularly, and is one way I try to give back to the security community.

Thanks for supporting 7MS!

Jan 21, 2020


Thanks for visiting my BuyMeACoffee site!  Check out my profile to see what my content is all about, and if you can spare a few dollars to be me a coffee (actually I prefer mint hot cocoas from Caribou :-) I would sincerely appreciate it!



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