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I am so very intrigued! i look forward to seeing what you grow from this strange but rich soil of of avante garte and intrepidity.

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thank you so much for this. i had no idea this type of fiction had a name. i'd developed my own formulations to describe it: "minimal distance between narrator and protagonist (when synonomous, so honest or delusional to effectively be transparant), conflicts that bristle or swell rather than progress, setbacks not limited to but steeped in multiple layers of shame, expressed more in dialogue or body than expositionally (and usually elliptically, as the protagonist is asked to internalize pain) to the point that what the protagonist wants becomes abstract: dignity, freedom, self-respect, while the obstacles beome increasingly crudely, physically, inhumanely brutal. I love this kind of fiction! It's often the kind of fiction I strive to write. as far as reading goes, i can now ask about this kind of thing much more quickly in a bookstore. thank you so much for compiling these works in such an enjoyable format- jay

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