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We're a couple from the UK who met at a job interview in 2014 and have been living abroad in varying states of permanence since. We started Books and Bao and haven't looked back.

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We love our website and are so happy to hear feedback from people who love reading our reviews and learning cultural tidbits from us. Apart from some kind guest posts, we do all of the writing, editing, photography, and site design ourselves. Naturally, we consume a lot of caffeine since we both have day jobs too. If you'd like to contribute towards our daily caffeine fixes or enjoy our site and would like to say thank you, please consider buying us a coffee!  

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Love you

Takashi Yamada
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For my favourite reviewers out there - thank you for all the support and love. Here's to a wonderful 2020! XO

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So if I buy you 3 coffees, is that 1.5 each or do you arm wrestle for the third.!

You are an angel ♥️ And we solve all of our issues with arm wrestles, as is right and proper X

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Until I can buy you one at the Lounge ...

Awh, we love you Beth! We'll be home very soon ♥️♥️ xx